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McCormack Generations in Canada

Beginning in 1832,

At one point or another, everyone that follows below in the section entitled John McCormack and Catherine Kerr (Pioneers), either lived on or visited the homestead.  The original home, which existed behind the present structure (constructed circa 1900), has long since decayed.  Although initially a working farm/homestead for the first 120 years, by the time the issue born of the third generation had matured an end of an era had come. The world had changed dramatically with World War II and there was little interest in continuing with a traditional way of life as had been lived by those during the previous 120 years. 

The last in a long tradition of those who worked the homestead were John Duncan MacCormack and his wife Elizabeth (Bessie) Hamilton.  With her husband’s death in 1945, Bessie remained on the homestead.  Their son John Daniel and his wife Dorothy returned to help out with the farm at this time, however, it was only for a couple of years and then they returned to British Columbia.   John & Dorothy's son John was born at the homestead during their stay (a picture of those family members at the homestead at the time - probably taken by Bessie).

For the most part, Bessie lived alone at the homestead until her death in 1963 at which time the home passed to the eldest living son, Wendell.  Upon Bessie’s death, Herbert MacCormack and wife Sadie MacCurdy occupied the home for awhile and then it was rented for a short time.  For the most part, however, since 1963 the home has remained vacant serving as a summer residence only when Wendell and Dorothy would leave St. Andrews for the quiet of the country in Black Land.  In my time, it has been a place to gather when relatives returned from away during summer holidays, where we would enjoy Wendell’s boiled dinners cooked over a wood stove and play cribbage well into the wee hours of the morning.

In times past, a portage road adjacent to the property made the home a favorite stopping off place for those men working at the lumber camps.  It was here they would pick up their paychecks and stop for a bit of lunch.  One contractor, Irvine Hickey, would remind Mrs. MacCormack (Bessie) that if she was making tea, could she please make it “plenty stout”(meaning very strong).

For a couple of years, Annie McCormack (married to Harmon Everett Stultz) would return from Maine during the summer months for a couple of weeks with her husband, and they would set up a tent on the property in the field across the road and hold “Revival” meetings.  I am told these were quite lively events.

The home also served as the local Post Office for a time.  Duncan McCormack filled the position of post master from 1928-01-02 until his resignation on 1930-07-30, at which time Miss Elizabeth Cook took over the duties. See a picture of the McCormack Post Office.

John McCormack and Catherine Kerr (Pioneers)

First Generation - (In Canada)

John McCormack (born Scotland September 1802, died May 1886) married Catherine Kerr (born Scotland January 1802 or 1808, died November 1875) on February 22, 1827.  They emigrated from Scotland to Canada in 1832.  Their children included:

Duncan  (born April 12, 1827 Corrie, Arran Scotland) married Catherine Cook March 16, 1852 (moved to California); Margaret (born July 18, 1829 Corrie, Arran Scotland) married Donald McMillan on April, 18, 1849; Donald (Daniel) (born February 1, 1832 Corrie, Arran Scotland, died April 6, 1904) married Janet McBride August 23, 1864; Catherine (born 1833, died February 8, 1904 at age 71); Ann (born 1837, died August 14, 1869 at 32 years of age); John (born 1839 in Blackland died not married);  Marjorie (born 1841/1842 in Blackland) married to John Broderick); Grace (born 1841 in Blackland died January 21, 1844 at 2 years 4 months of age); William (born 1844 in Blackland) married Elizabeth McKenzie November 16, 1871 (moved to California); Grace (born 1846/1847 in Blackland died October 14, 1869 at 22 years of age); Charles (born July 23, 1850 in Blackland, NB, died April 22, 1903) married Elizabeth McNeil on February 22, 1872, died February 23, 1922; and Archibald (born 1852 in Blackland died May 31, 1854 at 2 years 5 months in Blackland).  

Charles McCormack and Elizabeth McNeil

Second Generation - (In Canada)

Charles McCormack (born July 23, 1850 in Blackland, NB, died April 22, 1903) married Elizabeth McNeil (born December 28, 1854, died February 22, 1922) on May 27, 1872.  Their children included: 

John Duncan born April 14, 1873, married to Margaret (Bessie) Elizabeth Hamilton born April 16, 1887; Alexander (born 1874, died 1876);  Catherine Grace (born March 22, 1876 in Blackand died 1957) married  Abraham Lee Stultz in Portland Maine;  Annie (born May 26, 1878 in Blackland died 1955) married Harmon Everett Stultz in Portland Maine;  Margaret (born December 14, 1880 in Blackland died October 1961); Allan (born 1882, died same year); Mary Eujane (May) (born February 26, 1883 in Blackland, died August 15, 1967) married Howard Franklin Stultz in Portland Maine.  Elizabeth Ethel (born May 6, 1885 in Blackland died 1971) married Alexander Dickie on January 7, 1907;  Jennie Edna (born March 24, 1887 in Blackland died 1917) married John Taylor September 12, 1911;  Daniel Evan (born May 6, 1889 in Blackland died September 27, 1934) married Emma Frances Apt October 19, 1910 in Portland Maine, then married Annetta Evelyn “Nettie” Woodsum April 19, 1919 at Fall River, Massachusetts;  William A. (born 1892 in Blackland died 1902 in Blackland); Charles Austin (born January 20, 1894 in Blackland died 27 March 1930 in Westbrook Maine) married Agnes Hall (born October 19, 1894 in Bedford New Hampshire died March 24, 1982 in Westbrook Maine);  and Herbert Thomas, born January 31, 1897 in Blackland.

Duncan McCormack and Elizabeth Hamilton

Third Generation - (In Canada)

John Duncan MacCormack, (born April 14, 1873 in Blackland, NB, died March 13, 1945) married Margaret (Bessie) Elizabeth Hamilton of Black Point (born April 16, 1887 died 1963) on November 4, 1908.  Their children included:

Charles (with hat and brother Dan in B.C.) (born 1909, died 1951 in British Columbia); Peter, (born February 17, 1911 in Blackland died August 25 of the same year); John (Daniel), (born November 6th 1913 in Blackland) married Dorothy Flann; Herb (born 13 April, 1919 in Blackland) married Sadie Vera MacCurdy of Black Point in Campbellton, New Brunswick on March 25, 1943; Wendell, (born 1922 in Blackland) married Dorothy Shirreffs in Aberdeen, Scotland; Harmon Leigh, (born July 9, 1924 in Blackland) married Irene Joy Tweedale on May 29, 1948 in Fredericton, New Brunswick ; and Irven, (born March 27, 1928 in Blackland) married Jean Edgar on April 28, 1953 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.